Private Readings

With Philip Dykes Spiritual Medium

A private sitting will be a one-to-one consultation lasting approximately 30 minutes in length. During the consultation usually two types of ability will be used, which are Mediumistic and the Psychic, these two types of ability will be illustrated below.


A psychic sitting is where the medium will blend with the emanation of your soul. The soul contains within it every experience you have ever had, and by blending with it, the medium will be able to become aware of what has happened to you in the past, alongside the situations you are currently experiencing. The medium may also become aware of the natural qualities of your soul, these qualities may still be lying dormant, or they may be qualities that you have already successfully manifested within your life. By becoming aware of your life experiences and the natural qualities of your soul, the sitting will help you to understand yourself and encourage you to move forward within your life.

Evidential Mediumship

An evidential sitting contains factual information about your loved ones in the Spirit World. You should know this information to be true. By allowing your loved ones to share personal memories and accurate information with you. The purpose of this type of sitting is to bring you comfort, but also to demonstrate the truth that the soul survives the physical death of the body, while passing relevant information occurring in your life at the present time witnessed by your loved one.

Spiritual Assessment

A spiritual assessment is a use of both the Mediumistic and the Psychic faculties, illustrating the strengths, weaknesses and spiritual abilities of the individual. This type of sitting is for the individual who is developing their Meduimship, wishing a clear insight to their ability at the present time and how they can move forward. This insight helps the individual gain confidence and direction, while improving the individuals understanding to create a stronger blend with the Spirit World.

Skype sittings are available

Private sitting Prices: Skype – £45 per person

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A Private Sitting with a medium should provide comfort, upliftment and positivity while working through evidential mediumship or the psychic faculty , or a mixture of them both together during the sitting. A Private Sitting will be a one to one consultation lasting approximately 30 minutes in length.

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