Philip Dykes provides a wide-range of workshops that are suitable for all levels of experience - from the complete beginner to the developed individual. The workshops aim to raise the level of the individual's mediumship. Through modern and fresh tutorials and practical exercises, Philip will help the individual to understand the spirit and to rationally present their mediumship.

The workshops are designed to help the many, and are usually open to all levels of experience. Philip aims to provide to bring across a constructive experience for all to share and discuss the many experiences that mediumship has to offer to the progressive minds of today whilst also being enjoyable and interactive too.

Philip's constructive and enjoyable workshops take place in different venues across the United Kingdom and are a chance for like-minded people to come together to develop their mediumship and further their understanding of the spirit.

Upcoming Workshops

    Workshop Testimonials


    Thank you for a very insightful and inspiring workshop. Keep up the good work, continue sharing. The saying is true, time flies when you are having fun.


    I just wanted to say a massive Thank you. I have never met such a outstanding medium have been to shows and met many Famous names but you are the best by far. Your evidence is concrete you bring genuine tears people’s eyes. Your workshops teach us this is not about fame and fortune because no message from a loved one is ever worth any amount of money. That smile and them tears there is no price on that. Thank you so much for the wonderful work you do. It’s people like you that make us know spirit is more alive than us. Thank you.