Below are just some of the many comments and letters of thanks that I receive about demonstrations of mediumship that I attend throughout the UK.



Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your visit to the Penrith Spiritual Group this evening. Your accuracy and detail were fantastic. Hope to see you again sometime




I just wanted to say a massive massive Thank you. I have never met such an outstanding medium i have been to shows and met many Famous names but you are the best by far. Your evidence is concrete you bring genuine tears people’s eyes. You are not just a Medium you are also a Family Man. Thank you so much for the wonderful work you do. It’s people like you that make us know spirit is more alive than us. Thank you




I saw Phil for the first time on Tuesday whilst he was taking a special service of mediumship at my local spiritualist church. I have one word…..amazing! He was spot on, I have never heard so many yes’s! Afterwards I asked a private questionand he went on to tell me the answer with a reading in it also. I was gob smacked at how accurate it was. He is defiantly one of the best! I can’t wait to have my own private full reading and also do a workshop with him. Having only met Phil once I can safely say he is so genuine, kind and welcoming. The energy he gives off is amazing. All I can say is words can’t say how good this man is you will have to see him to fully understand! Thank you Phil!




hi, Phil just wanted to say thank you for such a brilliant night at Rawtenstall spiritualist church, the amount of evidence you give is brilliant even though i didn’t personally get a message i could see people where astonished by how much evidence you gave to them that got a message. I am looking forward to seeing you again for the workshop and for private readings. You are definitely 10/10 at what you do and the best i have ever seen. Thank you again



Please note some of these Demonstrations may change throughout the year.