Canadian Demonstrations and Seminars, The Spiritualist Society of Burlington.

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  • Monday | March 19, 2018 to Thursday | March 29, 2018
  • All Day

Philip Dykes is part of the International Mediums Series of The Spiritualist society of Burlington Canada, Presenting Mediumship professionally and effectively is most important. Philip will provide ways of improving your ability, aiming to raise your mediumship to a higher level, through to separate courses. First is a 5 day course for intermediate to advanced participants, the second is a 2 day seminar for all levels of ability.

Through proven exercises that can enhance your ability, while in a safe environment you can reach beyond the limitation of the mind with confidence.

Philip Dykes will also be presenting two Demonstrations of Mediumship while present at The Spiritualist Society of Burlington.

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The Spiritualist Society of Burlington.

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